non-needle alternatives for acupuncture

If you are looking for a non-needle alternative to acupuncture in Gurnee, we can help.

Acupuncture Non-Needle Alternatives in Gurnee IL

There are several other treatment therapies available at Back 2 Health and these include Postural Therapy, Massage Therapy, Cupping, Nutritional Therapy, Electro-Muscle Stimulation, Moxibustion, Acupressure, Electro-Acupuncture and Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture.


Cupping therapy is a part of Chinese Medicine and has been for over 2,500 years along with herbology and Acupuncture. Today glass cups of varying sizes are used but originally animal horn was used, later brass then ceramic and bamboo cups were used.

Cupping can be likened to a deep tissue massage but the practitioner applies heat in a cup which is then placed in most cases on the back. A vacuum effect is generated by the heat and this draws the skin up into the cup.

Benefits of Cupping

  • Move fresh blood to the area
  • Releases toxins
  • Stimulates acupuncture points
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Relaxation of over tight muscles
  • Reduction of inflammation

This therapy will leave noticeable marks on skin which looks like a bruise or hickey and these marks are sometimes known as "cup kisses". They may look alarming they are not painful and they will fade in 3 to 7 days.

Generally cupping is used in treatment for aches and pains of varying kinds such as low back and leg pain, fibromyalgia, and neck and shoulder tension. Cupping also benefits the lungs in respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, coughs and such as it helps open up the chest. Cupping is also of use in digestive problems, stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea and even menstrual problems.


A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that encompasses stimulation of the acupuncture points using finger pressure which is the sensitive yet powerful use of human touch opposed to needles is called Acupressure. This method of therapy is gentle and non-invasive. Acupressure is used to effectively treat a huge range of conditions which Chinese Medicine is known to treat efficiently. Acupressure stimulates our bodies self-healing capabilities which mean it is also effective as a preventative therapy. In most cases, Acupressure has a less powerful effect than acupuncture which means more treatments are necessary to elicit the same results.

As Acupressure is very safe and gentle yet effective it is particularly suitable for children in the treatment of a host of conditions which include the prevention and relief from colds and flu. Self-help techniques can be taught to parents to use on their child at home.

Acupressure is also appropriate for more elderly patients suffering from mobility problems, constipation, poor circulation and arthritis.

If you are pregnant or think you are you must tell your practitioner as there are particular acupressure points that must be avoided during pregnancy.


Thousands of years ago in early Northern China Moxibustion evolved. This is part of Traditional Chinese Medical practices and has been around about the same time as acupuncture.

Moxibustion entails the burning of moxa (herbal wool made from the leaves of the Mugwort plant) over specific acupoints. The moxa can be rolled into a cigar-like shape or formed into a small cone and placed on a needle tip then passed over the skin in a wave-like movement. Radiant heat produced by the burning moxa penetrates into the body restoring balance, reducing pain and improve circulation. Often this therapy is combined with acupuncture and is used for general health improvement as well treating chronic conditions like arthritis, infertility, digestive disorders, infertility and ulcers and many more.

Nutritional Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees nutrition as an intrinsic component of the full treatment system. It is used as a preventative and curative measure and many disorders can successfully be treated by dietary changealone. Often this form of therapy takes longer and it does require full commitment from the patient. In the modern world there is much confusion over what would constitute a healthy diet and often the pace of our lives leaves little room for healthy eating. Fad diets and contentious diet regimes add to the general confusion and as a result quality of life for some is diminished by depression, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, obesity and much more.

Chinese nutrition looks at the therapeutic properties and energies of foods as opposed to analyzing the chemical components of them which Western nutrition does. The advantage of this approach is that it can be customized to individual needs. In addition, Chinese Medicine looks at elements such as preparation methods of food, body types, geographical location and season to establish and individual's diet. Start your journey to health with an appointment for a nutritional consultation by calling or E-mailing us right now.

Auricular (Ear) Therapy

The most common use of Auricular acupuncture is for weight loss, smoking cessation and addiction. This type of therapy involves stimulation of the acupoints on the ear with seeds or pellets which are tiny, painless when affixed and do not pierce the skin. The seeds can be left in place for up to a week and can re-stimulate the points by massaging the ear a few times each day.

Anatomical functions and parts of the body are represented by over 200 acupoints on each ear and these points are arranged on the ear in the shape of an inverted fetus. A highly skilled practitioner can diagnose and treat a huge range of disorders using only the ear by noting coloration changes, depressions or protrusions, skin variations and points of tenderness. When these points are stimulated they give access to the central nervous system via the cranial nerves on the auricle of the ear, this in turn sends a direct message to the brain which promotes a healing response.

If you are looking for non-needle alternatives for acupuncture, please contact our team at Back 2 Health in Gurnee today and we will be more than happy to help you understand your options.